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The Value of Service Projects


The Value of Service Projects



www.jbcarlson.com  www.jbcarlson.com 
www.jbcarlson.com  www.jbcarlson.com 

I have completed multiple thousands-of-hours of service project work.  When I haven't done them, I've made resources available.  This was a big one for me:  Tri-County Elementary school, a school for severely disabled children was being forced to close its playground because they didn't have the funds or ability to bring the playground up to code.   The result: handicapped children would have been subjected being "institutionalized" to a greater degree without the ability to perform physical activity outside.  I did something about it.  I marshaled the necessary materials, secured as much labor as we could, and I worked myself.  This is only one example, I have hundreds.  

Over this summer, I will be presenting and drilling hard into some organizations.  As an Eagle Scout, the BSA organization has lost its way with possibilities and early training with the Bcorp, the United Nation's new involvement with young people, and several other paths.  The United Nations is missing critical tools on multiple fronts making Sustainable Development Goals much harder, if not impossible.  

The primary reason the performance of service projects at a young age is critical for civil society is because it opens an individual up to the "larger society."  It also teaches compassion and understanding.  



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