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    JB Carlson TV Broadcast From Office With Dogs (bloopers!)
    JB Carlson - 22, Monday, August 22, 2016

    JB Carlson TV Broadcast

    From Office With Dogs (bloopers!)


    Acquisition Of Extraterrestrial Reserves And Earth's Formation
    Staff Account - 29, Wednesday, June 29, 2016

    One of the major differences between Earth and near-earth objects benefits the acquisition of extraterrestrial reserves.  In fact, it's easier than acquisition of terrestrial reserves:  Although Earth and asteroids accreted from the same starting materials, Earth's significantly stronger gravitational pull depleted our crust of valuable elements until a multitude of asteroid impacts re-infused the depleted crust.  Quite literally, once on site, less work is needed to acquire extraterrestrial reserves as the selected sites are "crust rich."

    Stunning! (credit Spacex)
    Staff Account - 29, Friday, April 29, 2016