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    JB Carlson 


JB Carlson is an innovative entrepreneur with an extraordinary track record of identifying and creating technology that changes the way business is done. Specializing in leveraging disruptive technology to create exponential results in overlooked and undervalued markets, he brings seemingly disparate elements together in game-changing combinations.

Carlson has done business with some of the largest companies in the world, yet he remains committed to the individual success of every client, partner and employee with whom he works. A battle-tested executive who has thrived under intense scrutiny, Carlson has demonstrated his ability to overcome adversity most human beings have never faced and emerge with even more energy toward his goals and vision.

One of the earliest pioneers in media technology for consumer packaged goods, Carlson made his mark in this now-exploding marketplace more than a decade ago, developing what has become a widely accepted systems and technology. Teams Carlson led worked with Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Coca-Cola, Land O’Lakes, Purina, Anheuser-Busch, The Sharper Image and Wal-Mart.

Born and raised in Indiana, Carlson was a decorated Eagle Scout and troop “mini-CEO” responsible for recruiting, fundraising and training. Carlson credits his scouting experience with helping to shape his approach to both life and business. For instance, he traces his lifelong pursuit of efficiency to his continual efforts to reduce the time necessary to set-up and strike camp.

Carlson got his start in business while in college, brokering a deal between the Sharper Image and makers of a portable, soft-sided spa.

After gaining media experience producing radio commercials, Carlson set his sights on television, producing innovative, locally targeted advertising campaigns. He created spots that could be used by multiple non-competitive small businesses—such as independent supermarkets—and were customized for each store’s specific needs. This approach allowed Carlson to deliver high-quality production values and significant celebrity endorsements to clients with limited marketing budgets.

Carlson is passionate about expanding a process he personally created for originating, designing, structuring and implementing disruptive technology. He started creating this process while learning from the founder of an internationally recognized field utilized by multiple disciplines. Unique approaches to taking market-risks not competitive-risks, vertical integration, stepped solutions for two-sided/multi-sided markets, and wrapping disruptive technology in the proper value proposition are integrated into Carlson's process.

When he's not in the office Carlson spends his time boating, water skiing, snow skiing, reading and rarely he will write. Carlson wrote The Neo-Cortex: Template for the Information Era, Transderivational Enslavement and Engineering Conceptual Architecture.